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"I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Kiran Sharma. I could talk to her about anything. Her beautiful manner and the way she is, gave me the confidence to open up to her. She made me feel worthwhile, and did not look down on me. She made me feel so good about myself, in a way I miss my talks with her."

"Alison was fantastic. Her work with me balanced support with discipline and focus. I loved CBT and it has completely changed how I handle Stress."

"My sessions with Menaz were wicked. Therapy was the best thing that I've done. My life has changed so much as I can eat two healthy meals a day without fear. I have loved attending sessions, doing my homework and I especially love the fact that I am, dare I say it cured."

"I quickly gained 100% confidence in Charlie and his ability and without doubt his patient, calm, relaxed manner and his treatment technique has put me back on the road to recovery. I cannot thank Charlie enough for his help and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone else requiring help."

"We've had couples counselling a number of times but this is the first time there have been positive changes in our relationship."

"The best think about therapy was that it led me to you and a new happiness that I thought was not possible. You have added depth and joy to my life and I will never forget you Kiran."

"I wasn't sure about talking therapy at first but Alison made me feel comfortable and understood. I felt at ease even when sharing difficult material, and was left with a much better understanding of why I was thinking in particular ways. I have improved massively thanks to Alison."

"I was always treated with respect and felt that I was able to discuss very personal things with someone that was both understanding and knowledgeable in their responses. I have felt this was extremely helpful and have learned lots of strategies and behavioural techniques and the ability to reflect from that as well. Charlie was exceptionally professional and kind to me and has helped me a great deal. Thank you."

"It has been a comprehensively positive and constructive experience talking and working through things with Dr Menaz. If being able to help someone consists of willingness to do so and the tools to do so, she has done an excellent job both in terms of empathy and practical/technical wisdom and techniques."

"I found my therapist to be compassionate and competent"

"Alison helped me to identify what the key problems were, and find a way of moving forwards that I had not been able to discover on my own. Her level of professionalism and expertise was second to none."

"Charlie was very understanding and patient and helped me focus where I needed to."

"It was a very helpful experience and Dr Menaz really helped me overcome a hard time in my life and provide me with tools for the future. She's awesome. Really. I feel truly seen and understood."

"I was never rushed, always listened to and given good advice. I appreciate all that Charlie has done for me."

"Thank you for being positive, enabling and gentle."

"Alison helped me at a very difficult time. I am taking away some great knowledge and loads of techniques that I will continue to use in the future."

"I would recommend it to someone else. Dr Akhtar has changed my life."

"I felt I was taken seriously and was reassured that what I spoke about was in complete confidence. Thank you for giving me my life back Charlie."