There are many systems for delivering the best treatment of mental health disorders. Elite psychology provides a holistic approach, ensuring involvement of the most appropriate professionals. This includes input from Clinical Psychologists and highly accredited therapists; specialising in mental health.

Psychological therapies are talking therapies; fifty years ago there were few therapies and therapists. Now there are more sophisticated psychological therapies, developed and trialled using reliable scientific measures and methods. Given the range of established therapies on offer it can be difficult to decide which therapy is going to be most effective for treating your problem. Elite Psychology is unique for we comprise a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, who are able to provide a holistic comprehensive assessment of your difficulties, factoring in biological, psychological and social components. After the assessment process and reaching a shared understanding of your problem Elite Psychology will recommend the most effective therapeutic intervention for you.

Elite Psychology has years of unrivalled experience of working with evidence-based therapies. Our associates work according to guidance provided by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). NICE is an independent body that provides the NHS and other public health and social care services with advice and guidance on evidence-based therapies and developing quality standards. Evidence-based therapies implies that there is compelling empirical research and evidence to suggest the therapy is efficacious. Our dedication to adhering to evidence-based therapies integrated with our clinical expertise and patient values makes Elite Psychology the number one choice.

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