Elite Psychology offer expert witness services for psychological and neuropsychological problems. Elite Psychology is unique for we comprise a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, who are able to provide a holistic comprehensive assessment of your difficulties, factoring in biological, psychological and social components. Our associates are expert in assessment and treatment using evidence-based, reliable psychological measures and clinical skills:

Clinical Neuropsychology
Assessment and diagnoses of brain functioning following Head Injury,
post-concussive states and other neurological conditions. Treatments include Neurorehabilitation.

Psychometric Testing
Assessment and diagnosis of learning disability, (general adult and older adult populations) including: assessment of intelligence (I.Q.), memory testing and other cognitive functioning

Psychiatric Diagnoses
Assessment and diagnoses of PTSD, adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders following personal injury. Psychological treatments, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, in the areas of adult and older adult mental health difficulties (anxiety, depression, PTSD etc). Psychiatric treatments including prescribing medication. 

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