Drug induced psychosis is a term used to describe a psychosis caused by drugs of abuse such as cannabis and stimulant drugs, typically cocaine and amphetamines.

Psychosis generally refers to experiences similar to the 'positive' symptoms seen in schizophrenia: delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder. However, symptoms similar to mania, as seen in bipolar disorder are also common, as are periods of depression when withdrawing from the drugs.

A 'classic' drug induced psychosis lasts for a few hours or days and resolves completely.

Much more common is a situation where drug use is associated with schizophrenia-like or bipolar-like symptoms and the extent to which this is caused by the drugs is uncertain. 'Co-morbidity' is a term often used under these circumstances. The basic understanding is that individuals have varying levels of vulnerability to mental disorder and hence drugs of abuse may play a more, or less, important role in precipitating and maintaining an episode of illness. In practice, it is often very difficult to know the relevance of drug use in contributing to the experience of the disorder.


The treatment of psychosis is generally with medication, as is for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, along with psychological work for the substance misuse.

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